by Gary Little

This page is the index to an extensive database of Luxembourg postmark types and images, including mute postmarks, town postmarks, railroad postmarks, tourism postmarks, special event postmarks, promotional postmarks, and precancels. For the moment, the focus is on postmarks used before World War II.

Mute Type (1852-1873)

Dutch Type (1852-1871)

Two-Circle Belgian Type (1852-1871)

Two-Circle French Type (1852-1872)

Two-Circle German Type (1870-1873)

Single-Circle German Type (1872-1882)

Railroad Type (1875-1940)

Large Two-Circle German Type (1882-1905)

Precancels (1900-1925)

Special Event Type (1904-1940)

Bridge with Bars Type (1906-1940)

Bridge without Bars Type (1916-1940)

Tourism Type (1920-1944)

Promotional Type (1923-1940)

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